Sahar Salama

Sahar Salama founded TPAY MOBILE in 2014 with the aim of leveraging her extensive experience to transform cross-border micro payments in the MEA region. Sahar led TPAY MOBILE for the last 8 years where she was responsible for TPAY MOBILE’s strategy, mission, vision and overall execution/performance. TPAY MOBILE achieved the MENA region’s first “dragon exit” in 2018

Prior to TPAY MOBILE, Sahar spent 13 years working for one of the 5 global tech firms based in Germany that served the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) industry delivering its solutions to the top brands of the world producing electronics spanning from missles, airplanes, cars down to consumer electronics across the globe. She later worked for a telecom group focused on emerging markets for another eight years working in different roles and within different subsidiaries.

Sahar received High honor MBA from Imperial College London, got her BSc. in Computer Science with highest honor from the American University in Cairo. Sahar has over 25 years of experience in platforms development, product development  in hi-Tech industries with special focus on establishing tranformative propositions and creating industrywide impact in those sectors she served.