Payguru and Iyzico Launch Direct Carrier Billing for Digital Wallets in Global First

TPAY MOBILE company Payguru partners with leading Turkish virtual POS provider to enable first-ever digital wallet top-ups via DCB

Post image Payguru

23rd November 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Payguru, a TPAY MOBILE FZ-LLC company, today announces the launch of a new use case for Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) in partnership with Iyzico, the leading provider of virtual Point of Sale solutions (POS) in Turkey. Turkish consumers will be able to top up “Pay with Iyzico”, the most popular mobile wallet in the country, by DCB – improving financial access for consumers who do not have credit or debit cards.

Despite Turkey having an unbanked population of 16 million, things are now improving thanks to agile digital solutions. Iyzico provides online payment services and AI-based payment technologies to businesses and enterprises. Consumers will be able to top up Pay with Iyzico Wallet via bank transfers, credit cards and mobile balance transfer, quickly and securely.

Iyzico provides services to more than 70,000 member businesses and over 900,000 sub-members with an annual transaction volume of 18 billion Turkish Liras. Payguru, the leading payments aggregator in Turkey, offers DCB services through three mobile network operators and bank transfers and ATM payments via eight major banks. With over 84 million subscribers in the region, Payguru has brought DCB to household names including Burger King and Tencent. Payguru currently has over 1400 merchants on its platform and has processed over 104.5 million transactions in the past year.

The first-ever digital wallet top-ups via DCB are now available in Turkey. Nike, Puma, Yves Rocher and intimissimi are among the international brands that have chosen Iyzico as a trusted partner in Turkey. This new use case for DCB will improve financial access for consumers with limited access to traditional banking infrastructure by enabling them to make digital payments without needing a bank account or credit or debit card. The technology will enable local merchants to reach and accept payments seamlessly, transforming the way businesses and individuals pay and receive money in Turkey. This single integration will enable Turkish merchants to connect to 87 payment channels, helping them grow their business by expanding their reach to new and even unbanked customers, and offering innovative services such as bundling with operators’ tariffs, and loyalty and incentive programmes.

Payguru’s Co-Founder and Chairman CEO Işık Uman comments: “The partnership with Iyzico represents another significant milestone in Payguru’s journey. The move is firmly in line with our strategy of collaboration being the best route for making an impact in the age of DCB. It reinforces our commitment to continuously invest in and to unlock the value of digital commerce and financial inclusion and access across Turkey. It also signifies our improved ability to scale implementations, following the acquisition of Payguru by TPAY MOBILE in June 2020.”

Barbaros Özbuğutu, Co-Founder & CEO of Iyzico, adds, “Mobile is enabling consumers all over the world to not only communicate more effectively, but pay remotely. Together with Payguru, we are breaking new ground in payments by using the power of mobile to increase financial inclusion – which is vital to stimulating economic development.

“By cooperating with operators, we make financial access possible for consumers who do not have a credit or debit card by enabling them to transfer balances to their Iyzico digital wallets via telephone operators. This is a historic step in the payments landscape that combines Iyzico’s democratised approach with Payguru’s fast and dynamic structure. We’re looking forward to continued collaboration with Payguru and its parent company TPAY MOBILE.”