TPAY releases a white paper on how Direct Carrier Billing can help merchants and operators grow their revenues

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UAE, November 23, 2023: TPAY, the leader in payments in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey (META), has released a white paper explaining how direct carrier billing can scale up digital service providers’ revenues, and significantly improve financial inclusion in the region.

“DCB is mainly used for online purchases of digital content, however, its biggest potential goes beyond digital content into the vast realm of physical goods.” said Işık Uman, the CEO of TPAY Mobile. “This white paper provides a thorough analysis of the direct carrier billing market with its trends, opportunities, and potentials, as well as challenges and risks posed for merchants and telecom operators.”

Featuring the most up-to-date market research on the evolving global digital ecosystems, it focuses in particular on the trends, ongoing challenges, and opportunities for the carrier billing. The white paper outlines the most common advantages of direct carrier billing for both merchants and telecom operators and shows different types of carrier billing that merchants can activate depending on the type of good, service, or content offered.

“TPAY is bridging the gap by removing the complexity and enabling merchants to grow further in Turkey & MEA. We simplify the technical, contractual, and commercial conditions so that merchants can focus on their business and promote their products and services while we take care of the checkout process and financial flows,” says Işık Uman, the CEO of TPAY Mobile.

To view and download the white paper, visit: