COVID-19: Putting a spotlight on MEA payment systems

By Sahar Salama, CEO and Founder, TPAY MOBILE

The ramifications of the COVID pandemic have been felt the world over and much has been written about the subsequent effects on modern life – from wearing face masks in order to travel and being encouraged to work from home...

What’s next for mobile money after Covid-19

Sahar Salama shares her thoughts with Financial IT

In the midst of the pandemic, smartphones became a lifeline for many people. Not only did they enable us to keep in contact with loved ones, but they allowed crucial public health information and humanitarian assistance to be delivered safely...

Women in Fintech

Redefining the Future of FinTech

FT Partners FinTech Industry Research - March 2021. Download the full document, featuring an interview with our CEO and Founder Sahar Salama, here.