Payments Systems in the Middle East

How to Simplify the Complex Processes that Underpin Cross-border Payments

On a global level, the regions with the highest proportion of emerging economies top the list of unbanked populations. In the Middle East and Africa, 50% of the population is financially excluded. TPAY MOBILE CEO Sahar’s comments have been featured on Middle East...

Behind the Idea: TPAY MOBILE

by Polly Jean Harrison

It is well versed that there is limited access to traditional banking infrastructure across the MEA and Turkey regions with 50% of the adult population unbanked. While this is a common trait in emerging markets, it does mean that traditional transactions based on credit...

Women in Fintech

This October The Fintech Times are championing the fantastic females in the fintech industry

There have been positive strides in the drive for workplace diversity, yet for both women and overlooked minority groups, there are still huge inclusion gaps TPAY MOBILE CEO Sahar Salama’s viewpoint is included alongside: YAP Global’s CEO and Founder, Samantha...

COVID-19: Putting a spotlight on MEA payment systems

By Sahar Salama, CEO and Founder, TPAY MOBILE

The ramifications of the COVID pandemic have been felt the world over and much has been written about the subsequent effects on modern life – from wearing face masks in order to travel and being encouraged to work from home...

TPAY MOBILE in the Middle East, Africa and Turkey

Don’t miss our CEO and Founder’s interview in the latest edition of The Nilson Report, discussing TPAY MOBILE’s successes to date.

In the latest edition of The Nilson Report, our CEO and Founder Sahar Salama was interviewed on TPAY MOBILE’s journey so far, and where the business is growing the fastest. Read the full article here:

A Chat with TechRound and Sahar Salama

The interview showcases TPAY MOBILE’s future plans and sees Sahar share her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs

TechRound is an online news site covering news and developments in the UK and global start-ups, entrepreneurs, tech businesses as well as digital government policies and developments across politics affecting the digital and tech industries in the UK and beyond....

TPAY MOBILE Partners with Huawei to Unlock In-App Purchases for Over 60 Million Subscribers

TPAY MOBILE platform allows developers to monetize their apps on Huawei devices across twelve operators in seven countries

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 August 2021 – TPAY MOBILE FZ-LLC (TPAY MOBILE), a full-service digital payments platform, today announces the first phase of its strategic app monetisation partnership with Huawei.  The partnership is live across twelve mobile operators in...

أكثر من 60 مليون مشترك يستفيدون من الخطوة “تي باي موبايل” تتعاون مع “هواوي” لإتاحة سداد قيمة التطبيقات عبر مشغلي الاتصالات

منصة "تي باي موبايل" تتيح للمطورين تحقيق الدخل من تطبيقاتهم على أجهزة "هواوي" عبر اثني عشر مشغلًا في سبع دول

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 18 أغسطس 2021 – أعلنت اليوم "تي باي موبايل"، منصة خدمات المدفوعات الرقمية المتكاملة، عن إطلاق المرحلة الأولى من شراكتها الاستراتيجية مع "هواوي"، والرامية إلى مساعدة مطوري التطبيقات على تحقيق الدخل من تطبيقاتهم. وتسري الشراكة على...

What’s next for mobile money after Covid-19

Sahar Salama shares her thoughts with Financial IT

In the midst of the pandemic, smartphones became a lifeline for many people. Not only did they enable us to keep in contact with loved ones, but they allowed crucial public health information and humanitarian assistance to be delivered safely...